28 April 2015


Garlic: 100% 
Same explanation like the onion. Please make sure you get rid of the garlic skin before you place them into the Slap Chop. I do this: 
  1. Cut off the heads of the garlic.
  2. Put them into the Slap Chop. 
  3. Slap the piston a few times (3-5 times) 
  4. The garlic are partially chopped. 
  5. Get the garlic out. 
  6. Peel off the skin manually. 

Reason: The traditional method of peeling garlic skin would be using the flat surface of the knife to hammer on the garlic. To do this on 10-20+ garlic, it's not wise. Your garlic will fly all over whenever you slam your knife on the chopping board. To avoid this, you can just put all into the Slap Chop and give it a few chops. Then, do the manual peeling method. 

Once you get clean garlic, all you need to do is just put them under the Slap Chop and slap the piston a few times until you get the size you want. I tried putting i 2 cloves of garlic (about 25 garlic) and it works perfectly fine. 

Potato: 30%
I don't think this works well. I don't like the way Slap Chop cuts my potato. The shape doesn't look good as they are not in cube shape. It came out more like you know, the shape of how your onion and garlic look like after putting into the Slap Chop. 

Carrot: 30% 
Same goes to the carrot. The shape of the carrot makes the carrot looks uninviting in terms of appearance. 

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